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Who knew that not being able to "officially" register as press for New York's famed Fashion Week, then Olympus Fashion Week in September 2005, would lead to the ULTIMATE SUCCESSFUL BLOG? The Quest for "it" via its innovative first hand reporting became, some years later, worth its weight in gold and as a result was one of the first Fashion Blogs ever to cover the tents of Bryant Park as press. What began as an undying effort to reach the "it" life has become an enjoyable and informative resource for EVERY person on a QUEST.

Working with the country's better PR firms to bring factual and hard-hitting information to the masses, The Quest for "it"® previously served as a leading source of EXCLUSIVE online reporting. Recognized for its superior coverage in the fields of art, fashion and media, they would bring the best of society and celebrity reporting in a way that fascinates, intrigues and provokes discussion without the usual "gossip" tone found in many of the day’s blogs.


Tia Walker is previously an American blogger and Founder of The Quest for "it"® -- a blog created in 2005, that offered ongoing experiences in the worlds of art, fashion, media and beyond. Her blog has provided hard and fast information, as well as analysis of the arts, designers, various publications, and society.

Freelance reporting outside of her own independent publications include reporting for Lexus, Black Entertainment Television’s (, UPTOWN and UPTOWN Magazine with Contributing work for Black,, and Zink Magazine.

Tia's longtime video reporting—unparalleled at the time for an independent blogger— served as a virtual who's who of the red carpet and backstage interviews that include: John Leguizamo, Kerry Washington, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Shalom Harlow, Tommy Hilfiger, Joy Bryant, Cecily Tyson, Kirstie Alley, and Vivica Fox to name a few. Since 2006 she has created content, produced, and hosted numerous video projects under The Quest for "it". Productions have been financially sponsored by major brands including: Estee Lauder, Bo Concept, and Christopher Fischer Cashmere to name a few. In-kind support has included the brands: COVERGIRL, COVERGIRL Queen Collection, Yves Rocher, Herbal Essence and more.


Peggie Walker is previously the Executive Editor & Lifestyle Consultant for She re-ignited longtime passions in the areas of inter-generational beauty, fashion, and anti-aging lifestyles many of her articles reflect her long-time practice of living and promoting an age-defying lifestyle.

As early as the 80s Peggie worked at a local New York City School of Modeling where she developed and instructed classes in model makeup, exercise, and fashion. During the 90s, she freelanced as a Certified Personal Trainer while working toward an MBA Degree in Marketing.

Peggie is a warrior against the aging effects of gravity--physically and mentally; her quest continues to be an aspiration, inspiration, and education.